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About Us

Hello we are California Flooring & Construction, Inc. Here at CFC we have an experienced team of professionals with a commitment to quality and service. We meet the needs of our customers in all phases of their projects. In the time that we have been in business, our satisfied clientele come from all areas. Whether commercial or residential, every project gets our full attention.


With over three decades of experience and expertise in construction, design, manufacturing and installation of custom doors, windows, wood staircases, millwork and hardwood flooring combined with our ability to provide comprehensive and quality service is what separates us from our competitors. CFC has played an integral part in a wide range of commercial and residential projects such as; custom luxury homes, high end multi-family dwellings, hotels, schools, as well as public and city buildings.


In addition, over the years we have developed partnerships with manufacturers and distributors throughout the industry making these companies and their products available to our design studio. The studio offers our select architectural clientele the ability to visualize and select the products needed for their renovation or construction projects. With our experienced and knowledgeable staff, CFC guide’s the customers through the selection process taking into account design intent, architectural themes and budget. CFC is positioned to accommodate any project. CFC would like to thank you for your time and the opportunity to present our company. Please keep us in mind for any current and future projects.

Our Approach

The success of a project is based on professional design and careful selection of materials. Many times many projects incur additional costs for repairs and remediation work after project completion as a result of poor design and/or improper application of materials.


For CFC every project is approached on the basis of design build. Every building has unique conditions and details, each of which requires its individual solution.


Our Services

Large or small, commercial or residential – our satisfied clientele come from all areas. Our work is guaranteed and our ability to accommodate all your needs sets us apart from our competitors. In our showroom we carry a wide range of hardwood and vinyl floors, wood, vinyl and clad windows, aluminum stair systems, exterior and interior doors, hardware, mouldings, architectural details, interior design, furniture, plumbing, lighting and fine accessories.

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